Locksmith Specialties You Can Find In Arizona

If you lock yourself out of your automobile, you can look up a decent locksmith on Google or the White Pages (if you can find a set). However, you may be astonished when the first person who answers the phone tells you they are a residential or a commercial locksmith and cannot assist you. What you need is the service of a Mesa locksmith company.

Hiring a locksmith company in Mesa, AZ

But don’t all locksmiths create keys? Aren’t they the same thing? Yes, and no. Even though all locksmiths can cut keys, various specialties exist within the locksmith industry. Here are a handful of the locksmith specialties you can run upon in Arizona and elsewhere:

Residential Locksmith

Residential locksmiths can assist you with rekeying or replacing locks in your home. The locksmith can also assess your home and provide recommendations to improve its security. For example, the locksmith may install a double-bolt lock for doors next to windows, especially if you need a key to access from the inside.

In addition, the locksmith can assist you in securing your windows, sliding glass doors, entry gates, and other entry points.

Business Locksmith

Locks used in businesses are not the same as those used in residences. They are often more duty and have extra security features that require professional repair.  Commercial locksmiths deal with filing cabinets, safes, panic bars, door closers, etc. Additionally, they can set up or fix master key systems. Some of these locks work for other reasons too. For example, panic bars are required in some places to ensure employees have a safe way to evacuate if there’s an emergency.

Auto Locksmith

You should call a Mesa locksmith company if your key becomes stuck in the ignition or you are locked out of your vehicle. Auto locksmiths can make a new automobile key on the spot and even reprogram transponder key systems. Moreover, locksmiths with experience may work on all sorts of vehicles, including those with high-security lock systems. Locksmiths can also extract broken or stuck keys, fix ignitions, and replace locks.

An auto locksmith can help you to get into your automobile in any area and get on your way without causing any damage to it, whether you are locked out or your key has been stuck.

Why Do You Need An Auto Locksmith?

Calling a 24-hour locksmith will give you peace of mind if you’re locked out, or you lost your keys. Let us explain the reasons to contact an auto locksmith:

  • You lost your keys: Calling a locksmith when you’ve lost your keys is at the top of the list of reasons. In these cases, your only alternative is to call a professional locksmith to help you get access and rekey your locks.
  • Stolen keys: Whether you’ve misplaced your keys or they’ve been stolen, someone could use them to enter your vehicle. You must call an experienced locksmith company in Mesa to solve the issue immediately.
  • Damaged Keys: Your keys will become worn out from use and metal fatigue. It could be exceedingly challenging to remove the key if it breaks inside the lock. Automotive locksmith services can aid you in gaining entry to your car and will typically rekey the lock afterward. They might also offer key-cutting services.

Finding The Right Auto Locksmith In Mesa

You may need to call Armor Lock & Safe for many situations, so make sure the locksmith you choose is well-experienced, trustworthy, and reputable. Contact us now to solve any auto key issues you have! Whether you have a damaged or broken key, our team will be ready to help!

Should Armor Lock & Safe not be available for your emergency car key replacement, or should you need a chip or fob key on an emergency basis, US Key Service is highly recommended.


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